Star Trek Discovery Captain Gabriel Lorca Uniform Costume

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Cosdaddy Star Trek Discovery Captain Uniform Costume Jason Isaacs as Gabriel Lorca Cosplay

Jacket Pants 
 Star Trek Discovery Uniform
 Captain Gabriel Lorca

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Character Description:  They key component of the new uniform is the jacket. All the uniforms (jacket and trousers) appear to come in the same basic blue. The zipper (which is slightly offset from center), shoulder braids (which seem decorative and don’t indicate rank), and a raised delta shield pattern on the sides all have the accent which indicates department: gold for command, silver for science, and bronze for operations. The captain also gets an additional striped shoulder pattern. One note is that the braid, as seen so far in the handful of examples from the trailer, has four stripes for women and five for men.  This seems to be a function of the size of the uniform, not something indicating rank, division, or gender.

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