Q1: Can you accept personalized or custom item?

 We accept customization and each product has customized options, you can choose according to your needs. It should be noted that if you only modify a small part, such as adding pockets, changing buttons, etc., we are all free of charge.

There is another situation that there is no the costume you want on our website. In this case, you can email us to tell your needs and provide detailed pictures(include the front and back).Our official email is 

Q2 If I would be able to order only the cape part of the costume,as I already have the outfit, and I was wondering if you sell it separately?

Yes, we can sell separately,please contact us,we will add a option for you.

Q3: Where additional custom tax for items need be required?

In certain circumstances, some country may charge custom taxes for the purchase from other countries.Such as UK,Canada. If you choose fast logistics, these places may charge custom tax.

Q4: Do you ship UK now?

Yes, we can be shipped to the UK now, but we will charge you an extra tax of $9. Thank you for understanding.

Q5: How to use Coupon code to save money?

CosDaddy offer discounts regularly to help you save money.Please check coupon code page to learn how to use.

Q6: How long does it take for shipping?

Normally, if you choose standard shipping, the shipping time is 15-25 days,the fast shipping time is 5-10 days.If you have urgent order,please choose Priority fast shipping, We will give priority to processing your order

Q7: Why the money has been deducted from PayPal, but i can not find it in the history order?

Normally, you will receive an email confirming the order after the order is successful. If not, for network reasons, please wait patiently and check again later. We guarantee that everything is safe.

Q8: Do you have the actual picture of the product?

If you want to see the actual picture of the product you want,email us,we will send you the customer’s share and fabric for you.

Q9:  How to place an order?

It is very simple to purchase your favorite costumes online. You can place the order with no registration. But we highly recommend you create a registered account before you place the order. The steps are as follows:

1.If you are new to our website, we suggest you create an account before you place the order, and then log in to place the order, then you can check your order status and history.
2. Enter the item page you want to order, choose the gender, standard size or customize, then click" Add to Cart". PS: You can use the coupon code to apply for the discount on this page if you have the code.
3. Click button " Checkout" if your order information is correct.
4. Fill in the correct shipping address, email, phone number, and choose the shipping method etc, click “

I have read and agree to the "Order Cancel”,"Continue" ,finally, skip to Paypal page to finish your payment. then your order is placed.

Q10:  How to pay my order?

We accept PayPal and other major credit cards (via PayPal). Signing up for a PayPal account is easy and free, and takes just a few minutes to complete. Once you complete, you can send your payment in minutes. If you would like to pay via credit cards, you  need  fill out your credit card information by PayPal. You can then use your credit card to pay safely and securely.