CosDaddy Wonder Woman Diana Prince Battle Breastplate Cosplay Costume

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CosDaddy®Wonder Woman Diana Prince Battle Breastplate Cosplay Costume


Including: Breastplate

Tailor-made in your own measurements.This costume can be made for both adults and children.

Fighting super villains isn't a job for everyone! It takes the wisdom of Athena, the strength of Zeus and the grace of Aphrodite. Of course, a few cool accessories made compliments of Hephaestus never hurts either! Normal girls probably can't just give the Greek pantheon of gods a call to bestow them with some powers and equipment, but that's why you have us. With our costume know-how and your own courage and force of will, you'll be ready to transform into DC comics' greatest super-heroine of all time!

This Woman's Grand Heritage Wonder Woman Costume is a high quality outfit that recreates Gal Gadot's look from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. With shiny metallic reds and shimmering blues each piece of this costume captures the powerful and daring Amazonian warrior-princess style. Small touches, like the attached gold belt around the waist and gold armor detailing on the bust-line that is shaped like a bird, add a fierce, yet regal look to the superhero ensemble. Of course, no Wonder Woman costume is complete without a pair of bracers as protection from projectile attacks, so don't forget to strap them on before a big battle against deadly villains. Of course, the one included with this costume may not hold up to a laser beam attack from Doomsday, so use caution while wearing them! Once you're all suited up, you'll be ready for a team up with Batman and Superman. Heck you may even be ready to start up a Justice League of your own.

If you choose "Custom Made",please email us the Gender,Height,Weight,Chest,Waist and Hip.Thank you!

Female Height(in/cm) Chest(in/cm)



XXS 59/150 30-31/76-79 22-23/56-58 32.5-33.5/83-85
XS 61/155 32-33/81-84 24-25/61-64 34.5-35.5/88-90
S 65/165 31-35/86-89 26-27/66-69 36.5-37.5/93-95
M 67/170 36-37/91-94 28-29/71-74 38.5-39.5/98-100
L 69/175 35.5-40/98-102 30.5-35/77-81 41-42.5/104-108
XL 70/178 41.5-43/105-109 33.5-35/85-90 44-45.5/112-116
XXL 72/183 44.5-46/113-117 36.5-38/93-97 47-48.5/119-123
XXXL 73/185 47.5-49/121-124 39.5-41/100-104 50-51.5/127-131
Male Height(in/cm) Chest(in/cm)



XXS 61/155 26-28/66-71 20-22/50-56 29.5-30/75-76
XS 65/165 30-32/76-81 24-26/61-66 30.5-31/77-79
S 67/170 34-36/86-91 28-30/71-76 31.5-32/80-81
M 70/178 38-40/90-101 32-34/81-86 32.5-33/83-84
L 72/183 42-44/103-111 36-38/91-97 33.5-35/85-88
XL 74/188 46-48/116-121 40-42/102-107 34.5-35/88-89
XXL 77/195 50-52/127-132 44-46/112-117 35.5-36/90-91
XXXL 79/200 54-56/137-142 48-50/122-127 36.5-37/93-94


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