5 Best Doctor Who Cosplay Female You Love

After Jodie Whittaker is the first female Doctor incarnation, Doctor Who Cosplay female catch more attention than before. There are quite a few female in Doctor Who series, and in this article, well start with 5 best Doctor Who female. Keep browsing and maybe youll find your ideal Doctor Who Halloween costume!   

Is Doctor Ruth 14th Doctor?

Doctor Ruth cosplay has become more and more popular after fans suspected that she would be next female doctor 14th Doctor after Jodie Whittaker 13th Doctor. Is Doctor Ruth 14th Doctor? Actually I think we can find some clue from Doctor Ruth costume. Now follow me and see!

The fugitive Doctor wears a royal blue tweed frock coat, a kente shirt under a double-breasted waistcoat of navy blue moleskin with 16 bronze buttons. At the first sight, I was like wow, so many buttons, the number of the buttons is quite a lot. But later I began to think why 16? In my opinion, 13 buttons stand for 13 Doctors, 2 stands for War Doctor and 10.5/MetaCrisis 10, and another one implies that Doctor Ruth is the 14th Doctor, thats why there are 16 buttons on Doctor Ruth costume. What do you think? Does it arouse your desire to buy Doctor Ruth cosplay?

13th Doctor Coat

13th Doctor is the one whose popularity can compare to Doctor Ruth. If you need 13th Doctor cosplay guide, next Ill show you our unique 13th Doctor coat other than typical 13th Doctor costume. You can see we have two versions of 13th Doctor trench coat, but overall they look similar. So are they really the same? If no, what is the difference? Now let me show you the detail. The old version has only 3 stripes on the coat, and the new version has rainbow stripes to better match 13th Doctor outfit, which includes a rainbow t-shirt. How do you like our idea of 13th Doctor cosplay?

Missy Doctor Who Cosplay

As the first female incarnation of the Master, Missy Doctor Who cosplay is also popular Doctor Who Halloween costume. Now lets have a overview of Missy costume. This set includes a coat, a white shirt and a skirt. Overall Missy costume is simple, but stands out as well. First of all, the color of Missy costume is really classic and elegant, perfectly fits Missy who is mature, intelligent, but part of evil. Whats more, the design of the coat bottom is stylish.

Doctor Who Amy Pond Costume

Except those main Doctor Who female characters, Doctor Who companions are amazing, too. Amy Pond is a great companion who has won a lot of peoples heart. Amy Pond costume is also one of dressy Doctor Who cosplay ideas. Amy Pond trench coat is lovely, fashionable, hugs your curve perfectly, the material feels comfortable and protects you from cold days. If you need complete guide of Doctor Who cosplay, check out article: What Doctor Who Outfits To Wear In 2020.

Doctor Who River Song Dress

River Song is another tough female that we admire. For those who fancy Doctor Who costume dress to upgrade their Doctor Halloween costume, I personally highly recommend Doctor Who River Song dress. It looks lively and full of positive vibes. We have more selections of Halloween costume that youre looking for, high quality, best price, custom-made by tailors, in addition friendly and efficient customer service. Having been in this field for more than 5 years, weve earned the respect of customers from different countries, we definitely worth your trust.  

Lets Go Shopping!

Which Doctor Who cosplay female is your favorite? Are you ready to buy Doctor Who Halloween costume? Lets go shopping! CosDaddy July Sale will finish soon, hurry up to buy and save money! And dont forget to leave comments below if you have any further questions!