4 Best My Hero Academia Female Hero Cosplay Ideas

With the anime series My Hero Academia becoming popular, hero has been a more heatedly discussed topic than before. Whats more, people pay more attention to My Hero Academia Female Hero cosplay. We see our fathers as heroes, and most of us admire those male heroes in the movies as our idols, because most peoples traditional view is that men are the symbol of strength. However, females are always labeled as weak and helpless. Actually , they embody values and traits that we highly value: strong, brave and industrious. Can only males be heroes? Of course no!

Wonderful Female Heroes

In real life, there are female heroes we see everyday. Yes, our mothers. Now lets name some female heroes in anime, TV, and movies. The first one comes across my mind is the female hero Ochaco Uraraka from the popular anime series My Hero Academia. As one of the most popular characters in this anime series, Ochaco Uraraka has stolen lots of peoples hearts. Here weve put together some amazing works that people brought this character to life through Ochaco Uraraka cosplay. Keep scrolling!

Ochaco Uraraka Cosplay Collection Of Artists

1. nicole.yumi

Artist nicole.yumi@supergirlscosplay received widespread praise after she showed her Ochaco Uraraka cosplay on Instagram. She is wearing Ochaco Uraraka hero costume>, with her cute baby face like Ochaco Urarakas, her cosplay is really close to the original character. If you think you can make a more authentic Ochaco Uraraka cosplay than nicole.yumi, dress up with this set and lets see whos better!

2. piper_emerald

Instagram user piper_emerald is also wearing Ochaco Uraraka hero costume. Compared with the previous set, this one is designed different in the waist and legs. This set added a waist band and legs color changed blue to pink. Her cosplay demonstrates that a little change can make a big difference. Personally I prefer this set of Ochaco Uraraka hero costume. How about you? Would you choose the previous one or you like both?

3. zitronenii

Instagram user zitronenii shows her cosplay with Ochaco Uraraka uniform cosplay costume. Look at her wearing a uniform with the sweet smile, she vividly brought adorable high school girl Ochaco Uraraka to life. Besides, in this picture the background with pink hearts and flowers is really a appropriate selection. Im wondering what background would you choose to perfectly match your Ochaco Uraraka uniform cosplay costume? Im looking forward to seeing it!

Personal Ochaco Uraraka Cosplay Idea

For personal preference, I recommend you Ochaco Uraraka kimono cosplay costume. Check it out If you want to see a different appearance of Ochaco Uraraka. Its a nice choice for those who are seeking for a unique Ochaco Uraraka cosplay among the above commonly seen Ochaco Uraraka cosplays. I cant wait to see your show of Ochaco Uraraka kimono cosplay costume!

Where To Get Your Ideal Ochaco Uraraka Cosplay

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